Blast to the Past After Hours

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Event Guidelines

1) These events are attended by people of all ages, especially families with children who walk around and enjoy the ambiance. PLEASE DRIVE RESPONSIBLY
2)  No alcohol and no drugs are permitted.
3)  Vehicles must be parked in only designated areas.
4)  No revving your engines or sounding of your car horns. Our events are held at establishments and we want to be respectful to the owners and customers.
5)  No street racing at or near the event. And No burn/peel outs or drifting at or near the event. Please watch your speed as you enter and exit the parking lots.


No speeding in the parking lot!
6)  No littering. Please do not leave trash on the ground.
7)  Please be respectful of one another.

~ Any person who does not abide by the RULES & REGULATIONS will be asked to leave. No questions asked.


Please be responsible and respectful.

*West Houston Muscle, and surrounding establishments reserve the right to refuse service and/or participation at the event to anyone

for whatever reason they see fit.*

We encourage all our members to help enforce

the rules to insure safety at all events.